Can I Please Speak To The…Right Person

1 Jul

Happy July 1st young hollywood!

So here’s the deal. Before I went on my mission-crazy-resume-sending-out -rampage on friday, I had previously sent a resume in on a whim the week before to a production company I really like. On Friday I called to see if they had reviewed it yet. I got one of the producers assistants. Really nice person and very helpful. They were like “Oh yeah I remember you sending it over a few days ago I dropped them a reminder to look over it” So thats hopeful #1. Yay! I made some sort of impression if they remember me calling/sending it over. The assistant gave me his email as well. I gave it some more time after that and when I still didn’t hear back from anyone, this past week I decided to email the assistant. As long as you give it enough time in between, theres nothing wrong with being persistant- it shows youre really interested. The assitant emailed back and was like oh noones gotten back to you? Here let me give you so and so’s number, you can just call them. That’s hopeful #2- a direct line! Maybe they reviewed it, but just hadn’t contacted me yet. They’re a pretty bustling production company so im sure they’re really busy. So I call the direct line and who answers? One of the producers? The owner?  Nope. None of other than… the internship coordinator. Who tells me that he didn’t look over the resumes because they’re all full right now. WHOMP WHOMP. All that to be shut down?! Why couldn’t the assistant just have told me that in the beginning? Why you gotta make it so hard hollywood? (p.s.- I’m a native LA person, and rarely do I ever call my surroundings “hollywood” or the industry into which i’m trying to step into. Why did I pick this name for the blog again? Beats me! Guess I’m just weird!)

Oh well. back to square one. Note to Self- the hopefuls are sometimes dissapointing, but that’s okay



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