Got A Bite

7 Jul

Hey young hollywood!
I apologize for a few days of absence, I’ve been on vacation. But reality still exists somewhere- so back to my blog posts! GUESS WHAT? I have a bite! I got a response back from one of the internships I applied to and we are corresponding back and forth. We did a phone interview so far which I would say went pretty well. Speaking of phone interviews- that’s what my next post is going to be on! Although my blog numbers are still not at a high point, I have received some traffic and a few viewers have contacted me privately to cast their vote for a post on phone interviews. Any specific questions? If I hear anything more from this internship or anything else going on in young hollywood, I’ll let you guys know! Anyone else got any interviews for an internship or job working behind the scenes lately?

Note to Self: Following up on opportunities always gives you a one up

P.S.- Spotted the dad from American PIe the other day (I think) And apparently Bruce Willis was where I’m vacationing right now- it’s weird, it’s like these people are REAL people! (jk).



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