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Work Week Style

12 Aug

So tomorrow young hollywood is going to be heading back to work, and even as an intern, it’s still important to present yourself in a nice, professional (and i’ll add fashionable, if you will) way. So today I thought i’d do a post on cute, but professional outfits for the FALL that us people from young hollywood can wear! (I’ll do another post in the winter as it gets rainy and cold) I think it’s always good to wear fun, playful things while we’re still young. Before you know it, we’ll all be stuck in corporate suits! (but I hope not) Feel free to share outfits you find in the comments!!

1.     First up, we have this lovely outfit put together by Elsie from abeautifulmess blog. The blazer is adorable paired with turquoise and any type of glasses would be cute! But take caution that if you do a lot of running around, either choose more suitable shoes or wear wedges like these and keep a pair of Toms or something in your bag!

Credit: abeautifulmess blog

2.     Next, we have another pants and top pairing from Sosie. Cuffed black pants are an essential thing we should all have in our closets. They’re a staple item that can go with so much! This top is perfect because even though it’s a tank top (the film industry is pretty laid back anyway, so I feel that we can get away with a tank top) but the critical thing here is that it’s covering up her cleavage so it’s still a professional look!

Credit: shopsosie.com

3.  This next work outfit for us people in young hollywood is a little more dressy compared to the outfits above, but I would say these classic dress pants and pumps are a must (again, the shoes depending on how much errand running you have to do) This outfit is from Alloy.com: http://store.alloy.com/browse.docategoryID=846&sidenavTrack=apparel.pants.dressy&incmpid=LNavapparel.pants.dressy. It focuses more on the pants, but it’s pretty easy to pair a nice top with!

Credit: alloy.com

4. Now for some hotter weather style. I know here in LA it has been incredibly hot and sometimes its hard to find work appropriate outfits that still keep me cool, but these next two outfits won my approval. This first one I found on pinterest. Again it’s important to be careful about the neckline and this one doesn’t seem too bad. A flowy dress like this will keep you cool and pair it with a cute belt and it’s easy to get ready! For more styles like this type in work style on Pinterest!

Credit: Pinterest

5. The last outfit I picked is another one that will keep you cool. I also found this one on Pinterest. I really love the colors! If you’re wearing a skirt or dress you should always make sure it is a long appropriate look (it doesnt have to be as long as this one) but somewhere around the knees at the shortest. This outfit really pops and it’s nice to see this color amongst all that grey and black that people wear to work!

Credit: Pinterest

So that’s it for now young hollywood! I’ll be doing more posts like this soon as the weather changes (or if I just feel like it). Like I said if you have other outfits you want to share post it in the comments! Would you wear any of these outfits to work?