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Top 5 Bag Essentials For An Intern

13 Aug

Hey Young Hollywood! Happy Monday! Now that i’ve been at my most recent internship for a while now, I’ve learned a thing or two about what absolutely needs to come to work with me! So today I thought I’d do a fun little post about the top 5 things every intern should carry in their bag! Feel free to add any essentials you carry in the comments!

This one is ab-so-lute-ly essential. Basically you can’t even work without this. An intern’s life is done on this computer. Whether it’s doing coverage, taking notes, looking up contact information, directions, everything!

This one goes hand in hand with the above. If your laptop dies, it’s no good. And you never know where you will be when it dies, so keep it handy!

This one is so simple it almost seems unnecessary. But trust me- it’s not. Sure, you may think that your office has plenty of paper and you wouldn’t need this. But when phones start ringing off the hook and you need to take a message and you go to reach for the paper thats usually on the desk- only to find that someone moved it- this notepad will be your savior!

Okay, so this one is more essential for me. But I happen to think it’s essential for pretty much anyone. There are a lot of positives to carrying this around. Like when you’re in the sun for a while running errands (hence the spf) or maybe you had a super long day and then you have to go pick up a client- it’s the perfect way to freshen up! (guys- you can replace this with chapstick!)

Lastly, we I put midol/advil/and advil migrane in here as an essential. Us interns are either running around all day or reading/staring at a screen all day, and you never know when that killer headache is going to hit you or cramps so bad you can’t stand it. So keep these on you always and you’re good to go!

By carrying these essentials in your bag, it shows you are always prepared and ready to go! Scatter brain interns don’t do very well, so carry these in your bag and you’ll ace every test! Do you have any other essentials you carry around? please share in the comments I’d love to hear what they are!