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Fall 2012 Internships in LA

14 Aug

What’s up young hollywood! I got a top secret list (well- not that top secret, more like IMDBPro secret) of some of the top production companies looking for Fall interns. This kind of internship is great if you’re seeking to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes of filmmaking-producing, development, etc. Interested? And these are legit internships. Some are even celebrity owned…Yeah I bet you’re interested now! Just kidding.

I thought I could make the work at least a little bit easier! SO I’ll show you the list and any requirements they companies might have for their interns (like a certain level of education or skills) and just take note that they’re pretty much all looking for interns now for the Fall. BUT you are going to have to do some of the work. Last time I checked, these companies are looking for submissions, however that may change. And, because I do understand that they get a lot of submissions, I’m not going to give out their email- for some I will add the phone number and you can call and if they are still accepting they will give you their email to submit to! Obviously these aren’t all the companies in LA looking for interns- this is just a partial list I came up with!

Note: This information is public. I received it off the site IMDB and did violate any privacy acts

Focus Features

-Must be a Sophmore at a 4 year University

-sorry no phone number for this one

Imagine Television

-Was one of the production companies of the tv show “Parenthood”

(310) 858 2000

Universal Media Studios

-Also does televeision and “Parenthood”

-(818) 777 1000

-starts accepting end of July and August (so call now!)

Appian Way

-sorry no phone number for this one

-Call end of july/August for email

Scott Free Productions

-Go through your school to get information on this company. They usually recruit college students

Overbrook Entertainment

-sorry no phone number for this one

-call for email

Mr. Mudd Productions

-(323) 932 5656

-did “Labor Day”

Flower Films

-sorry no phone number for this one

Skydance Productions

-(323) 956 9900

-Did “True Grit”

Legendary Pictures

-(818) 954 3888

-Did “The Town”

Weed Road Productions

-(818) 954 3771

-Did “I am Legend”

Silver Pictures

-(818) 954 4490

-Did “Project x”

Rat Entertainment

-(818) 733 4644

-Did “Mirror Mirror”

Langley Park

-(818) 954-2930

-Did “The Lucky One”

Do you have any other internship postings you’d like to share? Or comments about these posted? Share in the comments below! There are a bazillion internships out there, you can find a lot on internship posting websites as well!