Moving On Up: Some Great Advice!

11 Sep

Hey young hollywood! Hope you’re all doing great out there today! I was searching the internet for some answers about moving up in hollywood for the job you want (I want to be a writer) and although all of you out there don’t necessarily want to be a writer, I found some advice that most likely pertains to all of you! What do you think of her advice?

What is your advice to aspiring writers’ assistants? 

“No matter what job you have, make sure you do it well. When I was an intern at The Mark Gordon Company, our intern coordinator told me that every job was important, even something as menial as binding scripts. I really took that to heart, and anytime I would bind a script I would make sure it was the best bound script it could be. Sure enough, Mark Gordon himself came up to me and told me how he always loved getting the scripts I bound because they were so straight. Bottom line, people will remember you and be much more willing to help you get the job you want when you go the extra mile.
In addition, don’t be afraid to get creative. In the IPS writers’ room, I used to take pictures of the white boards so my writers could have .jpg images of that day’s work by the time they got home. They appreciated the extra effort, and I appreciated the break for my fingers.”
Interview with Joelle Garfinkel
What do you guys think of her advice? Do YOU have any advice?

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