The Weekend

11 Aug

Hey Young Hollywood!

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! I know here in LA its blazing hot-hitting the 100’s! So keep cool! I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m working on my weekend assignment as an intern- covering a book. If you don’t know what “covering” is it’s when you get a book, script, or any kind of written material and you read it, give a synopsis, and write comments about it for whether or not to recommend the material be made into a movie! (Not gonna lie I think it’s pretty cool even us interns get to recommend- or not- work to be made into a movie. I mean we could just discover the next Bourne series or something) I’ve had to do coverage for a while now and I’m for sure getting the hang of it- almost feel like a pro! But for those of you who are new to writing coverage I do have one tip in mind- always, always, always prood read and spell check your work! There is nothing more aggrivating for development, the producers, the assistant- whoever reads the coverage- to mentally spell check as they read! It’s a distraction and shows you don’t care that much- so let’s all stick together, spell check, and turn in the best damn coverage anyone has ever seen! Speaking of coverage- theres this great little website called- – “THE SCREENWRITING BLOG OF THE BLACK LIST” as it’s called , that gives you all you need to know about coveraeg, and anything else! Here’s the link to the coverage posts: It was great help when I was starting out (which wasn’t that long ago) and I wanted to pass it along to my fellow up and comers! What are your projects this weekend? Anything fun or interesting?

Note to Self: Try to get as much of the weekend assignements done on Friday so you have the rest of the weekend to relax! 

Cheers to the rest of the weekend and goodluck to anyone else in young hollywood doing their weekend assignments!

P.S. This is amazing. Only procrastination will find you this



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