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10 Aug

Hey young hollywood!

Credit: Glamour

So I know we have quite a bit of catching up to do. So I’ll go first. I am overjoyed to say that I started an internship ! It’s on one of the major lots…I’ll post a pic later and its going great so far. It looks like the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place right now and its amazing. I came to the internship at a great time when they are going into production and the people are great. I’m learning a lot and I hope to learn even more- hopefully with some on set experience! My fall semester is starting soon and I’m pretty excited for that. My own personal writing is coming along slowly but surely. And my family, friends, and boyfriend all get me through everything!

BUT there’s still one major piece to the puzzle…and thats this blog. I really want to develop it more and make it grow and I need my viewers inputs. The stats on my blog views are not big by any means, but you guys are out there and It would be great for you to weigh in. Comment or message me what kind of material and content you would like to see on the blog. I’m going to be posting more pictures, giving you as much inside scoop about my experience being a young up and comer on one side of the door in hollywood, noting everything new I get to learn or opportunities I get, some funny stories and experiences here and there, I got some requests to reveal more about me- and while I am remaning anonymous for the time being I have no problem doing posts about my non-work related adventures, or what i’m wearing/into at the moment. but I need YOUR input. What do YOU want to read and see? THIS WOULD REALLY HELP ALOT! 🙂 So please weigh in- tell me anything and everything that would make this blog BETTER, INTERESTING, FUN, and CATCHING! It would mean a lot and I would be happy to do some personal shout outs for everyone that weighs in!

All you have to do is COMMENT or fill out this FORM!  



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