Recap: My First Internship Part 2

28 Jun

Part 2 of My First Internship Recap:

So I’m not going to say my starting out tasks were easy- staring at the monitor trying to find THE exact video clip thats needed can be a challenge, but none the less I always pictured working as an intern more fast paced. I was looking for something more. So, I spoke up and asked if I could have some more responsibility. The company agreed and they let me be executive of the social media promotion department. Wow! I got to be on some of my favorite sites-FB, twitter, pinterest, etc. as my job! At that point I was really loving my job and I was learning so much about what happens in post production. I never realized how much effort it took to get the word out about a film. Things were going great, and they kept getting better. One day I had a hand written letter waiting for me. When I opened it, it was a personal congratulations at how hard I had worked during my first two months at my internship and that I deserved a promotion. I was getting upgraded to a right hand man assistant position, as well as credit for working on the film as one of the producers. YES! This is great! How exciting! I knew when I put my mind to something that results will turn out. And I worked my butt off for free to get this promotion. All I had to do was up my hours working for the company and I would be given some more responsibility. Okay, I can do that. So in the weeks to follow here are some more responsibilities that I got:

-compiling lists/letters that went out to managers, publicists, and entertainment attorneys

-screening interns

-help with bookings

-attending all creative/business meetings with producers/owner of company (it’s always fun to sit there and feel important!)

-watching clips and providing feedback/critiques

-Doing runs to studios/agencies

So after my responsibilities picked up I had an idea. It was a semi bold move, but one I knew that would prove how hard working, serious, and passionate I really am. I asked if with this promotion in title and receving film credit, if there was any way I could get paid.

Note– this is an important question to ask during an internship if you’re seeking a promotion. If you feel you have proved yourself to the company- and if they truly value you- you should get compensation for your work. 

So fast forward a couple more months and here we are today. My job has been great. An awesome experience. And I’m sure you guys are wondering why I say “has been.” After my promotion, things were going smoothly. But they slowly started to roll down hill. I can’t say im completely surprised. This ‘everythings going great’ roll had to come to an end. I guess I came to a point in my job where I really realized a lot. Time is valuable to me and I want to spend it the best way I can. If there’s anything I can say, it’s try to find a job at a company that values you. When I got my promotion, I did feel like that. 100%. But in my recent days not so much. Things happen in a company and changes are made, and the changes that were made at my company, I didn’t completely agree with. I no longer felt that I was valued as an employee and it really hit me. Maybe it was the universe telling me my time was up with this opportunity. And it’s been truly great. So I’m picking myself up and continuing along until I come to another door of opportunity. Honestly, I actually feel like I’m on top of the world. I’m setting out to conquer new journeys and opportunities and I can’t wait! I’m sure my coming weeks will be filled with sending out resumes to other companies trying to get a job. But, in the mean time, I’m actually excited to have some more time to work on my personal writing/films. I feel like I’m working on 100 projects and it will be nice to give some of them the TLC they need! If you have any more questions about my first internship experience, or anything else, let me know!

Note to self: Collaborate with others who value you

Until next time young hollywood,



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