Recap: My First Internship- Part 1

27 Jun

Hey young hollywood,

Sorry for these long posts. But I’m catching you guys up. So here’s how it all started. Year after year I kept telling myself I’m going to figure out what I want to do. I knew I loved writing and I knew I loved film- what can I go after to put those two together? Bingo- find a job at a production company. But all it took was a couple google searches to find out that anything less than a BA will only get you an internship. And since I was still working towards my BA, an internship would have to do. So, onto peeling through the pages of internship postings. NBC Universal posting for production intern. Hmm sounds interesting. Click. Undergraduate, check. Must be responsible and hard working, check. Duties include helping VP of production and some development, sounds cool. Must commit to 40 hours or more per week, che…wait what? Are you kidding? That should be a violation of the child labor law, working over 40 hours a week with no pay. I wasn’t really into being another worker on the production line, no pun intended. So, back to peeling through the pages. (P.S- if you guys are interested in a list of great places to look for internships drop a comment and i’ll hook you up!) Anyways, after about a week of going through some more postings I came to one that interested me. Looking for a post production intern working on their film. close by to where I lived. Not a lot of errands to do. Minimum hours. Great opportunity to learn. Great! sounds good. Apply to internship posting, check. Then the dreaded tapping of the fingers on my laptop, waiting for a reply happened for a few days. But I was hopeful and had a good feeling about this one. I trusted my instinct and held back from applying to other internships that I wasn’t as interested in as this one. And what do you know- one unread message popped up in my email not too long after! I went in for an interview that week, extremely prepared of course- with copies of my resume and a list of questions to ask-(you know, because being young is hard enough, atleast being prepared could give me a one up) and they offered it to me on the spot! I was thrilled. The interview wasn’t that bad. I met at their office with a few of the producers and the head of the company and they just asked me a few simple questions.(P.S.S.- drop in a comment if you’re interested in a post on interviews) I started that Monday and I couldn’t have been more excited. It was my first internship and I had no idea what to expect. When I started that Monday, I came in dressed a little nicer than the other employees. Oops- but oh well. Always better to be over dressed than under. So the week I started, and the weeks to follow, consisted of your regular post production internship duties and I thought I’d share with you guys a list of my responsibilities to give you a sneak peak in case you’re interested in a post production internship:

  • looking up stock footage
  •  getting the crew coffee
  • fact checking statements
  • doing copyright checks for videos or articles we used in the film
  • writing rough draft emails for the producer- sometimes she was too busy so she had me do it for her
  • answering phones
  • helping with social media promotion of the film
  • attending some meetings about the current cut of the film
  • occassionally editing a small clip- usually it was just for practice and never actually got used in the film but it was nice of the editor to let me do that with her

That’s a wrap for part 1. Stay tuned for part 2! Hint: there’s a promotion in there and I have a good tip about how you can get one too!

Note to self: Just Trust the Instinct



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